Sunday, June 13, 2010

Together forever?

Today you had some free time between soundcheck and show time. We found ourselves sat like bums on a street corner of the biggest city on this island eating gummy bears and Ritter dark chocolate w/chocolate mousse. The mousse chocolate got really melty and you decided it wasn't your thing. I was too self conscious about dieting to eat it myself, though in truth I really wanted to because it feels so wrong to waste candy. You LOVE candy and I think it is so cute that as soon as we finished our chocolate cake with whipped cream and fruit, you wanted to pop over to the candy store.

I asked you about the future because you are a budding rock star with real dreams and I am merely complacent doing whatever, so our destinies remain entirely unwritten. You smiled and said perhaps you would like to work in a studio because you like the stability of a 9-5 job. And maybe your band will hit it big and you will tour. You're not too hot on staying in New York because the taxes are ridiculously high unless you live in Manhattan.

Then you asked if you could keep me, because you know you would always like to have me around, and is it okay if you keep me?

Of course, I said. And I am pretty sure I meant it. It's not healthy to view lifelong commitment as the end of the world after all, and I DO like you an awful lot and can see us being very happy together years down the road.

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