Thursday, June 3, 2010

to-do list

-Clean house because people will probably crash tomorrow night
-Photocopy "Canon in D" sheet music for Andy
-Make Nao a birthday card
-Learn/practice oboe part (on violin) w/brass band for culture festival on Tuesday
-Practice violin for charity concert on Saturday
-Successfully co-throw surprise birthday party for Nao at Oldies
-Not contract a hangover Saturday morning
-Book a hotel room in Tenjin for Saturday night
-Go to Nathan's house to borrow his violin for charity concert to lend to Andy
-Transport 2 violins and myself to Tenjin on Saturday
-Plan dinner/drinks for Saturday night with visitors from out of town
-Not gorge myself and gain weight back

whew! thank gosh I wear a watch.

I also would like to share what I had to eat today.

-canned coffee (Georgia European Blend)

-711 side salad (mostly lettuce and tomato) with goma dressing
-1 tuna mayonnaise onigiri (triangular rice ball wrapped in seaweed)
-LG 21 yogurt

-some nice teacher left me 2 Andes chocolate mints

-HottoMotto bibimbap with half portion rice
-calcium supplement/dessert bar, "blueberry cheesecake" flavor

-a birth control pill


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