Monday, July 12, 2010


I have been vocally anti-running ever since I tipped the scales at 48 lbs in kindergarten, but in the past couple weeks I have been, um, actually really getting into it. I'm still awful and slow and easily winded, but the exponential improvement factor coupled with the ever growing firmness of my ass and thighs is very encouraging.

My recent interest in this stupid hobby stemmed from entering a weight loss race with a few e-friends on a forum I post on during work. Seeing what other people are doing to combat lardassery and get in shape is a good way to figure out something that works for you. A few folks mentioned the
Couch to 5k program, which is designed to get people who have never run before in their lives into running, building up to running 5 km over 9 weeks. I downloaded the first podcast and tried it out and found it was pretty good, but I got bored of the mediocre music and found it was too easy after the first run. The phasal exercise-bulimic in me was dissatisfied in the total amount of time running --> calories burned, so I decided to push myself some more.

The very first time I was absolutely shattered, out of breath, keeling over from stitches in my sides, and my lungs and legs hurt so badly I thought I was going to die. I've only gone out running a total of like 6 times, but I am already at least ten times better than I was the first time I went and I know I'll be even better the next time I do it. The last couple times I ran with DJ Fab's
History of Italo Disco 5 megamix. I originally thought I'd prefer running to death metal but turns out I'm partial to '80s cheese with subpar English lyrics about absolutely nothing.

Hopefully I won't blow my motivation load prematurely and revert to inputting lasagnas intravenously. I used to be quite hefty
when I was younger, and I'd strongly prefer not to ever look like that again.

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