Thursday, March 26, 2009

What I'm doing

I'm going to Osaka this weekend to meet up with the people I spend all day every day at work talking to. Since I came to Japan I've had UNBELIEVABLE amounts, like weeks at a time, of down time at work, and rather than study Japanese or German or read books or make music, I find myself unmotivated as hell and wasting hours on a particular e-forum. Right now most JETs are in the midst of spring break and not teaching, so everyone has time to post on the boards. Anyway, yeah, going to Osaka to meet e-people, eat amazing Osaka food and go clubbing - Fukuoka's "The Happy Cock" is hardly a legitimate dancing/DJing establishment, unfortunately. I booked my shinkansen and hotel today, ¥32,600 for round trip bullet train from/to Kokura (original target of the second A-bomb but diverted last minute because of clouds - fun fact) and two nights at a decent hotel right next to Shinsaibashi subway station (centrally located) isn't so bad, that's like what, $350 or something? Shinkansen tickets are expensive as hell but the nonreserved cars are smoky and gross, the ferry takes 12 hours and the night bus 8-9, so it's worth it.

I also have been obsessively planning outfits. I made a nice one today after buying some new tights and a scarf. That's the back view of today's outfit on top, and you can see my spare room and kitchen.


  1. booooo itil. i need to delete my account in the worst way. its turning me into a nerd.

  2. krampus, I think it's time you start photographing your outfits in natural light. We all want to enjoy!


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