Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I made you a mix tape!

All of these fall into the "wear something black and/or shiny to fit in if this mix were being DJed at a club" category. They are in no particular order at all.


1.) Melotron - "Kein Problem"
The title track of the EP "Kein Problem." Germany.
2.) Depeche Mode - "World In My Eyes"
Sexy. Just sexy. England.
3.) Condition One - "Believe (Radio Edit)"
Black not required for this dance track. Germany.
4.) Red Flag - "Count To Three (House Mix)"
Learn to count while you dance. USA.
5.) And One - "So Klingt Liebe"
Love sounds like this. Germany.
6.) Matinee Club - "Sometimes"
Is that Madonna's Bettie Page lookalike cousin? England.
7.) Cosmicity - "Digital Delays"
The best synthpop ever to come out of Detroit? USA.
8.) Melotron - "Ich Will Dich"
Seduce her with these words. Germany.
9.) Diary of Dreams - "She"
Taste the goth as she makes her anger turn into quiet tears. Germany.
10. ) Anders Lundqvist - "Strike Force"
You've entered the future as viewed from 1980?! Sweden.
11.) Clan of Xymox - "A Day"
Now a classic goth club track! The Netherlands.


Leave a comment if you take anything :)


  1. I think you know it!

    Also you should know that I am eating the most delicious golden raisins right now.

  2. I think I knew it before I posted it. By the way they totally played "She" at Dark Friday right as the magic began to happen.

    I want golden raisins, all I have over here are scoldings from the vice principal for eating yogurt at the morning teachers' meeting!

  3. THEY DID?! OH MY GOD YOU ARE SO RIGHT. I have to go listen to that several more times now. Wow...

  4. :D :D :D :D :D ah, dark friday. possibly the most surreal night of my life.


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