Thursday, March 5, 2009

"my japan" as i see it

This is an open sewer and my rice paddy.

I've gotten into the habit of keeping weird, weird hours. This is the sun rising from the east as viewed from my balcony.

The beauty of being an educational peon is watching the teachers go crazy.

This is a fancy bento. I liked almost everything in it, especially the lumpy purple mochi/bean cake in the upper left hand corner.

Every day when I leave work I walk down this hill.


  1. those fried crab claw things are SO good. We got a similarly extravagant bentou for graduation.

  2. wait...there's grass in japan? (jklol)

    but seriously, i could go for that bento right now. mmmm.

  3. eli, guess what! there's NON-TOKYO in japan too! you should know, having spent one wild night in Tagawa


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