Friday, April 2, 2010

The "what if"

When I was in high school I was VERY dedicated to the pursuit of violin, orchestra, chamber orchestra, string quartets, playing at weddings and art shows, etc. I even got a private teacher my senior year after landing the first chair position (I still maintain this was a freak accident as I am a naturally inclined novice at best) in an audition for a regional youth orchestra. My music teachers were far too optimistic and spouted all this encouraging bullshit about how I could easily get into a conservatory and that I should become a performance major or educator, etc, blah blah blah.

Well, I didn't do that. I went to Vassar instead for liberal arts, and I had a really nice time there - I played in their orchestra for a couple years, met really amazing professors, read a lot of interesting texts, and made lifelong friends. Vassar really opened my eyes to different kinds of people that didn't exist in my hometown, which was neat, and I am of course eternally thankful to my grandmother's inheritance for fronting the bill.

I keep in touch with some friends/former teachers from my active orchestra days via Facebook, and they are working at schools as orchestra/instrument teachers and talking about preparing their students for upcoming concerts and things. Naturally, a (significant) part of me is thinking "I want to do that!!!!!!!!!" and wondering "what if........"

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