Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A review

The following is a blurb about Oldies, where I spent approximately 74.82% of my free time in Tagawa:

Located in the shopping arcade right next to JR/Heichiku Tagawaita Station, OLDIES Izakaya is a combination Tex-Mex restaurant, izakaya, and party venue. It's also more or less a shrine to kitschy Americana - the walls and ceilings are completely covered in Elvis, Marilyn, and James Dean. Friendly co-owners Toshi and Miho serve reasonably priced classics ranging from hot dogs and karaage to burritos, enchiladas and a rather famous taco salad. There are weekday drink specials on tap beer, as well as a selection of imported beers like Corona, Hoegaarden and Dos Equis. Several times a year, OLDIES hosts all-you-can-drink parties with live music from local JETs as well as Tagawa rockabilly bands. Very popular hangout spot for Chikuho area JETs. An English menu is available. Miho speaks excellent English and wears Old Spice deodorant.

Open 6-11 pm, closed Sundays.

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