Monday, September 7, 2009

Sports Day/Nuremberg Rallies II, Year Two

I can't believe how fast the past year went! I've been here about exactly one year now (I went away for a month) and this weekend was Sports Day which I (lovingly) refer to in terms of HJ rallies during the Third Reich due to all the marching, screaming and obsessive-compulsive MAN that happens. It is quite endearing to see 16 year old Japanese boys, most of them quite skinny and fond of brightly colored nu-rave sneakers, standing around shirtless grunting and screaming and flexing.

Sports Day combines the two fundamental athletic elements of American school events - pep rallies and field day - but all happens in a sandy pit where the grass has been (manually - though I was fortunate enough this year to have missed pulling weeds out of the sports field) painstakingly eradicated, and always on a hot day since it's awfully hot without fail here until October.

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  1. haha this looks exactly like my school. Headbands and zeigheils and all. I guess all HS sports days are cloned.


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