Sunday, August 30, 2009

Checking in after a long hiatus?

Sorry I've been absent for months, though I doubt anyone will actually notice ;)

I went to New York for 2 weeks with my friend Miho from Tagawa (the owner of beloved Americana bar/restaurant OLDIES) and we made a mess there with my parents, a bunch of friends, and sightseeing.

Then I went to Germany/Austria for 2 weeks with my mom, where we saw lots of sights, I made a bunch of new friends who want to take me to Wacken next summer, and hung out with Oliver in Mannheim for a few days engaging in hippie activities.

Now I've been back in Japan for a week, and am currently mourning the death of one of my students, who was involved in a traffic accident earlier today.

So much has happened and is still happening. May we all live in interesting times.


  1. I NOTICED because I STALK YOU. Yep.

    <3 about your student, I'm so sorry.

    Interesting times. It's true.

  2. I also happen to staulk you. I am pissed that I STILL havent seen you since you got back.


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