Thursday, June 11, 2009

Almost a year already!!!

This has been the fastest almost-year by FAR, ever. Just another sign I'm on the route to decrepitude I suppose.

Anyway I remember how much I HATE this stupid stupid island now, I've been wired and up too late and I was on my way to the bathroom to pee before sleep, and I saw a huntsman spider on the floor. Which is fine because they eat other bugs, but then I realize this one has somehow A) gotten into my house and B) survived by eating bugs who are presumably also in my house.

At least I haven't seen a cockroach yet this year.

I really, really, really hate the bugs here. Everything else I can deal with, from a repressed society of people who do all their filing on paper to nasty awful horrible summer heat and humidity and insulation-less winters spent freezing with half-functional hot water, but please please please don't make me feel scared to be in my own home because giant bugs are lurking.

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  1. hahaha....yeah as long you don't see a cockroach. I HATE Them


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