Thursday, October 28, 2010


Today was an incredibly clear day, not a drop of humidity in the air. Made for perfect visibility (as pictured) and beautifully vivid cloud formations that I forgot to photograph. This picture was snapped from my phone as I walked home.

I set a new running record for myself. Perhaps I was fueled by my unsightly peanut butter feeding frenzy when I got home from work, but whatever the cause I was able to maintain a pretty good pace for over an hour without slowing down or walking. That probably means I should be pushing harder, but damn! Only a few months ago I thought it was a physical impossibility to run for longer than five minutes at a time.


  1. How I would love to run there by myself...could it be that I'm hearing a German song right now on your profile. pretty amazing!!! haha.

  2. Yeah! I <3 Planetakis. Actually I like a lot of German music!

  3. I like! To which bands are you listening as well?? Reminds me to listen more to Japanese ones!

  4. Hmm, well I like a lot of synthpop and industrial type bands: Melotron, Split Mirrors, Elmodic, And One, Funker Vogt etc...also Seeed and Peter Fox's solo stuff, and some goofy metal/NDH like Oomph, Subway to Sally, etc. If you can recommend more bands like Planetakis I would be happy forever :)

    Japanese: Check out Perfume, Capsule, and Tokyo Jihen!


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