Saturday, May 8, 2010

Candid stalker shots.

From Hiroshima Flower Festival and Iwakuni Friendship Day. My new favorite hobby is amassing candids of people I find to be interesting or stylish, and over Golden Week I managed an enormous collection, most of them not actually that cool in 20/20 hindsight. :)

Golden Week was amazing, by the way. I'll put up some tourist photos later. As dictated by coworkers, I ate Hiroshima style okonomiyaki with udon noodles inside and a fried egg on top, visited Miyajima and battled thousands of other tourists for access to the friendly deer, and gorged myself on Taco Bell at Iwakuni Marine Corps Base. I hadn't eaten Taco Bell in something like two years, and it definitely took its toll on my body, but the masochist American in me enjoyed the flecks of blood spotting up the TP.

Unfortunately for me it was a bit tricky to find interesting women to shoot, as the Japanese female population seems to be wholly enchanted by the current (and tragic) trend of boater hats with twee florals and extra light denim jackets and skirts. Still though, as a rule you are far more likely to run into interesting fashion statements in a large collection of Japanese people than in sweet home upstate New York where the hambeasts in jorts run wild and flats are considered high shoe fashion. I think I'll be standing around stealth shooting like a creep more often. Stay tuned for more posts like these.

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