Wednesday, December 2, 2009

christmas cards

One of life's little joys is making Christmas cards for my friends. This year I have quite a few to make. I have a ton of material sitting around the house so I'm trying to make them as interesting as possible. I actually made a special trip to the 100 yen store to pick up markers, glitter glue pens, envelopes, paper, and tape. Coupled with the quality Christmas music I've recently acquired, I've been quite happy in welcoming December. It's already December! Can you believe it?

I'm headed home in 16 days. Mentally, I've already checked out so to speak. I have visions of being bundled up at airports, hitting up favorite spots like P.F. Chang's Colonie Center and Wolf Road Starbucks, and wailing at Bourbon Street karaoke for my birthday party. Laugh all you want - I'm thinking I want Americanized Japanese food for my birthday dinner.

Oh, and when I got home from work today someone had put up barbed wire by my balcony. I'd like to see you get past that, wall-scaling pervert!

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