Sunday, November 15, 2009

what a terrible ending for a great weekend.

I came home around 7:45 tonight, heard a funny noise, went out, and found some random middle aged man had climbed onto my balcony and was crouching there doing god knows what. I yelled at him and he just apologized politely, jumped from the second floor to the ground, landed in some grass, and walked away.

I talked to the building manager and now I gotta go talk to the police. They're coming any minute.

God this sucks. I can't wait to get away for Christmas for 2 weeks.

Fear: appetite suppressant of the gods.


  1. Hi! I know it's probably in rather poor taste for a complete stranger to be writing a comment in a post about stalkers and weird people and shit, but basically, I was searching Encyclopaedia Metallum for anything to do with Kumamoto (which is where I currently live) and your post with some pictures of the Aso region was pretty much the only thing that came up... and after a bit of link-hopping I ended up here.

    I've been here since April on an exchange program, and even though Kumamoto prefecture isn't exactly lacking in population, it's absolutely DEAD in terms of decent live music goes. Black metal, neo-folk, post-punk, power electronics, anything I'm interested in, I can't find anything that suggests there's such music of the sort here... originally coming from Melbourne it's a bit of a shock, heh. I've been to a couple of crust punk/d-beat gigs but they're wearing a bit thin.

    I'm not here for much longer, but still, if you've got the time and are at all inclined I'd be keen to hear if you've heard anything of the sort happening in or around Kumamoto? Cheers. :)


  2. WOW good stalking.

    Funny you mention that, I'll be in Kumamoto City this weekend visiting my boyfriend who also likes metal a lot!

    Fukuoka City is much better for live music, they have death metal festivals and things of that nature. I've been to a couple.

    if you PM my M-A account (username is krampus) we can exchange info or something.

  3. Ahhh sodding arse, the MA forum is giving me some nonsense about not being able to send my message through... can't quite understand the error message, totally foreign computer-speak mumbo jumbo.

    I've got a Blogger account which I use for a uni seminar blog ( and all the usual Facebook/LiveJournal nonsense as means of contacts as well.

    I actually haven't visited Fukuoka City yet but I'd certainly be tempted to trek over for a decent gig, it's just hard to find out when something good is happening, I've found that it definitely helps to know people in particular scenes and circles.

    Aside from one of my classmates here, the only other person I've met in Kumamoto with any interest in metal is some guy I saw out at a bar doing karaoke to DragonForce... I'm assuming that isn't your boyfriend though, heh.


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