Saturday, April 18, 2009

The magic of drunkenness looks much less magical through sober eyes.

It amazes me that anyone has fun at my school's nijikais without being at least "pretty drunk." The wrinkly 50 year old hostesses, bagged snack foods presented on plastic dishes that try to look like glass, and crappy whiskey/water cocktails would prevent me from enjoying myself. Luckily, they beered me up nicely, and so I felt the magic in the room when we were all screaming some stupid drinking song. Then I came home and realized the sad futility of life, especially for the teachers at my high school. Work=life.

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  1. "Then I came home and realized the sad futility of life"

    Well, yeah, but that's irrespective of occupation... take your diversions where you can get them... Existence precedes essence, yada, yada...


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